brian fallon manchester

"An epic story of an epic wander-few people in America have had more hours to really think about climate change, and Ed Fallon has put the time to good use!" - Bill McKibben On March 1, 2014, Ed Fallon set out with fifty other climate warriors on a journey that would change their lives. The March spanned eight months, starting in Los Angeles and finishing in Washington, DC. The author's story is infused with candid reflections about the intense interpersonal drama that threatened to tear apart the March community. With the March as the conduit, Fallon shares deep, personal details about his search for love, meaning, and spiritual truth. During eight months of walking, Fallon's search took unexpected twists, leading to conclusions he didn't see coming. Ed Fallon's biography is as diverse as the landscapes he and other marchers walked across. After spending four years in college and six years traveling the world, Fallon's long life in public service began in 1984 as a door-to-door canvasser for clean water and fair utility rates. In 1993, he was sent to the Iowa Legislature where he served until 2006. As a lawmaker, Fallon focused on protecting the environment and defending constituencies whose voices were being drowned out by big money and brash power. Since 2009, Fallon has hosted a talk show called the Fallon Forum. He also directs Bold Iowa, a non-profit organization whose mission is to build rural-urban coalitions to fight climate change, preven...

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