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When it comes to marketing, the biggest myth may be that it's deceptive, misleading, and unethical.Paul D. Barchitta highlights the foundation and building blocks that anchor a solid marketing strategy in this guide that answers questions such as:• What is marketing all about?• Why is it such an exciting time to be a marketer?• What are the four P's of marketing?• Why you must think like the customer!The author also examines topics that can serve as a blueprint for success from defining who is your customer, when and why they adopt your innovation, to the decision making process that the customer goes through. Why taking a snapshot of your product offerings, why new products are the lifeblood of an organization, and the importance of developing a brand are analyzed as well.Dissecting the methods of how products are promoted, from why advertising is a mentality to the effectiveness of the relationship that a salesperson can have with a customer are reviewed. How the distribution of products has evolved along with the importance of developing a global vision and more.Get a broad understanding of marketing and discover the methods, techniques, and theories that will convert your idea, your brand, or yourself into a success with the lessons in Market Me.

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