j g ballard the kindness of women

This Kindness Journal For Kids - At Home is a perfect bound journal with a glossy finish. This journal has 120 journaling ruled pages to write in. You can even date each page on the top.It makes a perfect gift for children who go to school.This journal is designed to help children reflect on their daily lives. It helps them to remind them to exercise kindness towards their friends, family, society, and teachers. It will help to manifest the habit of being kind from a very young age because the act of kindness begins within each of us. If your kid learns from the beginning how to apply kindness in his or her daily life, your kid will plant kindness in others and every small act of kindness will help to make the world a better place because kindness works in a reciprocal way.“You can accomplish by kindness, what you cannot by force. - Publilius Syrus”You can write about things like including everyone in the game activity or talking to kids at school that are not in your class, or any other acts of friendliness and kindness that happen to you throughout the day. This kindness journal will help you act kindly and it will help you get into the habit of acting with kindness. Based on your journaling you will learn that no matter how small your act of kindness is, it is never ever wasted.Start your day with kindness by journaling about your daily kindness goal.Get into the habit of writing about a weekly kindness challenge. Writing it down first will help you get encouraged and be a...

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